Fifth release of the OpenMobile IS framework.
Open Mobile IS team is proud to announce a new pre-release (R5) of the Open Mobile IS framework.
We have nearly finished the bundle management module.
This release add Unit testing and Mock object to facilitate the development of unit test.
Some package naming correction has been done and some bug has been corrected.

Fourth release of the OpenMobile IS framework.

  • In this release we finalize these modules :
  • Label manager,
  • Terminal user manager
  • History manager
  • Internationzalisation support
  • Properties manager

The possibility to synchronize FODB collection that have int or long unique index has been added.
Bug correction:
Synchronization bug : FODB Synchro listener are not reinitialized after each synchronisation.

Third release of the OpenMobile IS framework.

This release adds :

  • Profil management on the terminal side .
  • add an application example to show how to develop a real application with the framework.
  • some minor bug fixe.

Second release of the OpenMobile IS framework.

This release adds synchronisation engine and server side components :

  • Multi-purpose synchronisation engine .
  • FODB synchronisation.
  • Tomcat integration.

Compatible with JRE 1.1.8 and more, Personnal Java 3.1, J2ME CDC 1.0
It has been tested on Windows, Linux and Windows mobile (PocketPC) systems.

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