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General presentation of the Open Mobile IS project, including benefits of the solution and road map of future developments.

Author: P.delrieu        Last update: 04/26/2006



Open mobile IS is an open source project (GNU LGPL license) that aims to provide all the necessary tools, API and documents enabling effective nomad applications development. Heart of the project, the java framework is divided into components providing all the needed functionalities.

Since 5 years, Ubikis is building a new technology dedicated to Mobile applications development. Its framework offers customers the immediate benefit of providing a complete range of tools and libraries making development, deployment and managment of mobile applications far easier and robust.

At the beginning of the 2005 year, and in order to share and promote the use of its technology, Ubikis chose the open source way and joined the Objectweb consortium.
ObjectWeb is an open-source software community created at the end of 1999 by Bull, France Telecom R&D and INRIA in the purpose of developing open-source distributed middleware.

Main benefits
Why OpenMobile IS is the best solution for the development of mobile application for a company?

Beside the open source benefite, the main reasons are :
  • OpenMobile IS is a complete and fully dedicated solution to nomad application development. One can find many products, but each solves only one aspect of this type of application development. Creating a complete application that way means that you will have to integrate many of these products, regardless compatibility or architecture consideration.
    From this point of view OpenMobile IS goal is to provide a framework offering all the needed components and will guarantee your application to be perfectly functional and ensure end users an amazing mobile experience.

  • The framework contains codes and components but not only.
    Our purpose is to propose patterns and best use cases reflecting our experience in enterprise mobile application. Developing mobile application is not only a matter of code, it's a business. OpenMobile IS helps you in avoiding main trap or error in this process.

  • OpenMobile IS is not a new project. It's the integration of the Ubikis knowledges and technologies inside an open source project. Several customer applications are already in production since years.

  • OpenMobile IS is open source so you can participate in its developement to ensure that it will fit to your needs.
    Only open source can garanty that you'll keep the benefits of your investment.

Road Map

The port of Ubikis technologies will continue until the begining of 2006 when the complete framework will be released.

The version 1.0 will be delivered in July.

Further releases will add the following improvements and functionalities :

  • A better integration of Jonas Server (J2EE Open Application Server) and of joram (enterprise messaging middleware).

  • A module management based on OSGI to optimise application life cycle management.
  • A high level module needed in mobile application like users, profils management.
  • The development of a J2ME (Java2 Mobile Edition) CLDC version for smartphone and Java mobile phone.
  • The development of an e-mail connector (POP/SMTP)
  • The integration of Microsoft Compact framework.
  • The development of administration tools.
  • More documentations, examples and tutorials.
Using the framework

This first realease is fully functional so you can begin to develop with it.
To help you we provide :

A Flash demonstration of real applications developped with the framework showing what can be done with it can be viewed here. (click on the demo button in order to see the flash movie of the product).
nb : The demo, aCRM application dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, is in french language.


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